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Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a moving target. It’s how your brand is moving people and making their lives better. It’s the story behind the business… the “why”. Regardless of whether you a startup, established company, or a non-profit, the story you’re telling matters. And the minute you say, ‘oh yeah… we’ve nailed that’, you've stopped trying hard enough and are forgetting your customer (aka leaving money on the table). No matter how big or small your brand is, I want to help your brand tell better stories, develop deeper meaningful relationships, grow exponentially, and make an impact.


Most people assume marketing is just a sales engine and running ads. While marketing does have a direct impact on sales and advertising is generally involved, that’s not what it’s all about. Marketing is more than illuminating blog posts, email campaigns, and social media ads. Marketing is your opportunity to educate and empower your audience and customers. It’s how you build trust and stay on the top of your customers’ minds. All of this elevates your customers which makes them more confident in your brand, leads them to your products, and yes… drives sales.

Strategic Partnerships

One of the biggest mistake any brand or entrepreneur can make is to do it all alone. I’m not saying you can’t be a pioneer. But even Lewis had Clark, Jobs had Woz, and Rick Rubin had Russell Simmons. You are no excuse. The same is true with brands. For example, Apple + MasterCard resulted Apple Pay, Starbucks and Spotify brought a tailored coffeeshop vibe to your headphones, and Taco Bell + Doritos = the Dorito Locos Tacos, just to name a few. We were built for community so why fight it alone? Finding the right partnership is where true innovation and impact begins.